Everything You Wanted to Know About Honda Parts & Service


Are you a fan of the Honda brand? Of course you are, otherwise, you wouldn't be checking out the latest new releases here at Kokomo Honda. Whether you've owned yours for years or you just bought it, we're dedicated to offering you the level of care that your vehicle needs for every service or maintenance appointment. Are you wondering whether you need to have your vehicle serviced by us? Have you been experiencing some odd behavior from your vehicle? There's no better place for answers than right here on our website.


Your Honda Parts & Service Questions Answered


We've been trained to handle every service need, and our parts team is prepared to help you get the products that you need to keep it in top performing condition. We know that all of our customers have questions, so we've taken a handful of them and answered them right here for your convenience. If you don't see the one that pertains to your needs, call us, and we'll get you the answers.


Can I use aftermarket parts in my Honda model? Since your Honda was created with specific performance specifications, it's important that you continue to use the parts it made with. When you use these parts in your vehicle, you'll be amazed at how well your car performs, and since these products were designed for your vehicle, they'll stand the test of time.


Why is it so important to change your oil? Your oil needs to be changed based on your owner's manual's recommended intervals. Typically, every 6,000 miles or every six months. When you do this, you're removing the old oil which has broken down and is less able to perform its job and replacing it with fresh oil. The oil acts as a lubricant and reduces friction, which also lowers the chance of overheating.


How do I know if my brakes are bad? Your brakes are one of the most important safety features, and letting them get too worn is dangerous. You can tell that your brakes are ready to be replaced when they make a grinding or squealing noise upon application, cause your wheel and pedal shudder, or feel soft or spongey when applying.


Is my alignment off? You can tell when something is wrong with your alignment by letting go of the wheel for a moment when it's safe to do so. If your vehicle drifts to one side of the road, then your alignment is off. If you have doubts, bring it to our service center today.


Can I order my parts from your dealership? How do I order parts? You can absolutely take advantage of our extensive selection of genuine Honda parts by speaking with our team of parts professionals or ordering online. Since we have a direct relationship with the OEM, you can get parts and products fast and guarantee that they are made specifically for your Honda vehicle.


How do I make an appointment? It's easy! When your vehicle needs to be seen by our team of Honda-trained service professionals, you can make the appointment on line through our quick and easy scheduling form, or by contacting us by phone or during another visit. We're always here to answer questions, and we are dedicated to ensuring your Honda stays in top shape.


If you're ready to see our team in action, set up your appointment today. We look forward to helping you make the most of your vehicle and enjoy the longevity that the brand is notorious for offering.


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