The chilly weather is slowly making its way out, and warm summer days are just around the corner. Since wintertime can be a little tougher on your vehicle, the spring transition is an excellent time to give it a refresh heading into the summer. Here are a few maintenance items suggestions to get ready for the season.

  • Oil and Filter Change: It’s the most basic of service items, but also the most important. With its cold temperatures and excess road debris, your oil works harder and picks up more contaminants in the winter. A springtime oil refresh will ensure maximum efficiency and performance in the summer.

  • Battery Testing: Your car's battery has a tough job, and it works even harder when the temperatures drop. Additionally, with the transition to warm weather, conditions are ripe for terminal oxidation and fluid evaporation. A quick battery test will ensure you're not left stranded at an inopportune time.

  • New Wiper Blades: Lengthy exposure to cold weather makes wiper blades brittle and less effective. This can be dangerous during a heavy downpour. Ensure maximum rain clearance with a fresh pair this spring.

  • Check the A/C: While we are welcoming the warmer weather, car cabins can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. Ensure maximum comfort and cooling power by having the air conditioning system tested and recharged if necessary.

  • Brake Examination: Excess road grit can cause pads to wear unevenly. A quick once-over by our technicians can verify how much life is left in your braking system.

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