Hybrid vehicles have become more and more popular. Now one of the top automakers has created a hybrid that is winning over more drivers. That automaker, Honda now has the Honda Insight hybrid sedan available in the Lafayette, IN region at Kokomo Honda. This is the hybrid sedan that is saving drivers big money at the fuel pump.

Hybrid Technology Meets Honda Reliability

With the Honda Insight, you get many of the things that people love about cars like the Accord and the Civic. The Insight features comfortably familiar Honda design both inside and out. The vehicle is reliable, spacious and easy to live with. That's why the Insight is a great transition from traditional gas-only vehicles.

What is Hybrid Technology?

You may have heard of the term hybrid before. However, you may not fully understand how a hybrid engine works on a vehicle and why it's a big deal. Specifically, a hybrid engine has both a gas engine and an electric motor. Typically, the electric motor handles most of the power during low speed driving such as stop and go traffic. During highway driving, the gas engine kicks in and provides the needed power for acceleration and high-speed cruising. In the case of the Insight, the vehicle is a standard hybrid. That means you don't need to plug it into an outlet. The electric motor powered by a battery that is charged by regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine.

Available in Three Trim Levels

The Honda Insight offers three distinct trim levels that allow the driver to get exactly what he wants from his hybrid. First, there is the entry-level LX trim. The Insight LX is one of the most affordable hybrid sedans now available. For those who want a well-equipped hybrid sedan, there is the EX trim. Finally, the Touring trim brings top luxury features to the Insight. All three trim levels of the Insight are available at Kokomo Honda.

If you would like to learn more about the Honda Insight, you can schedule a test drive at Kokomo Honda today. Be sure to ask about any available dealer incentives or Federal tax credits.

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