Understand Your Car's Belts and Hoses Better

Let's talk today about belts and hoses. Your car has them, and you need to know about them for your vehicle's longevity.

Internal combustion engines need synchronization between major parts, and most rely on timing belts to meet this need. While they are made of durable rubber, these teethed belts deteriorate due to time and usage. Today's cars also feature serpentine belts, which transfer power from the engine to varied accessories. These rubber belts also wear. Additionally, all cars have hoses. Made of rubber and metal, these items move vital fluids throughout your car's engine system. Time, usage and the elements also wear hoses. In all of these parts, look for cracks and stressed sections, and replace accordingly.

We know belts and hoses at Kokomo Honda in Kokomo, IN. Our expert maintenance staff can inspect yours and answer any question. Come see us!

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