Keep Your Tires In Good Shape

Tires suffer wear and tear even when your driving falls under the description of ordinary. Taking care of your vehicle's tires must be a priority, or else dangers emerge. Checking tire pressure with a gauge and performing a penny check on tread depth reveals a lot. Low pressure means adding air. Ultra-low tread depth likely means the car requires new tires.

Tires don't last forever, either. A tire does come with a lifetime expected number of miles. One with 60,000 tread life isn't going to survive 80,000 miles of driving. Age also presents problems for tires. Eventually, dry rot sets in. The weather may contribute to the onset of dry rot as well. Consider it wise to purchase quality tires built to last, but don't assume they'll survive many miles past their expiration date.

Visit Kokomo Honda when your car could use some new tires. We stock an ample supply of top tires, and our mechanics can install them for you.



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